Wolfsblut (AlphaPet Ventures)


  • Establishment and scaling of paid advertising via social channels Facebook & Instagram
  • Focus on generating new customers at profitable CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs) with dedicated tracking and funnel setup
  • Extension of TV campaign flights with coordinated, efficient paid social ads
  • Creation of high-performing ads and advertising media for target group specific customer approach
Motel a Miio

Motel A Miio


  • Setup, management and scaling of social paid ads – Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.
  • Performance-driven promotion of pop-up offline events, as well as pan-European branches & store
  • Migration, setup & expansion of CRM logics and business analytics (customer retention)



  • Setup, optimization & scaling of paid social advertising (Instagram & Facebook)
  • Setup & expansion of structured target group and hypothesis tests
  • Briefing, conception & creation of performance ads & advertising media



  • Workshop & strategy development for Tretter web shop Relaunch 2021
  • Preparation of briefing & specifications for Tretter web store relaunch
  • Consulting in screening and selection of process and pitch of technical service providers and trades

Distorted People


  • Setup, management and scaling of Paid Ads in Facebook, Instagram (Meta), Pinterest & TikTok
  • Conception of performant premium landing pages
  • Weekly marketing controlling – overall marketing spend and growth targets
  • Analysis, controlling and improvement of CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) & CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs)
Hotel Lima Studio - handgefertigte Designer Kerzen



  • Briefing, conception and analysis of advertising media and ad captions
  • Building and managing mobile marketing and paid ad setups for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & Google Ads
  • Execution of creative, target group and technical tracking tests
  • Optimization and expansion of app conversion tracking with “Appsflyer”
Black Flag Agency - Ahead Academy



  • Conception and creation of KPI-driven and informative advertising media
  • Construction of efficient funnel setup to generate new customers at target cost (CAC)
  • Conception and implementation of briefings for performance-optimized landing pages
  • Strategic consulting & sparring on digital business models & scaling of customer acquisition
Talentbay - Networking. Karriere. Jobs

Myspring (Wellster)


  • Setup & conception of growth channels & team for B2C & B2B promotion of a talent marketplace
  • Creation & conception of advertising materials and customer approaches
  • Performance marketing controlling & strategy through setup of transparent planning & design of hypotheses
Black Flag Agency - Referenz - Giftsapp



  • Performance marketing workshop and strategy development for online sales and brand building
  • Strategic consulting for e commerce & digital business model
  • Consulting for social ads, website optimization (CRO)
  • Coaching performance marketing, as well as conception & creation of advertising materials
Black Flag Agency - Ahead Academy

Nüdes (100 Cherries)


  • Building and scaling Meta’s paid ads channels: Instagram and Facebook
  • Ad briefings and design for performance optimized ad setups.
  • Setup, management and scaling of paid ads in Facebook & Instagram
Talentbay - Networking. Karriere. Jobs

Fair Couture


  • Research and concepts for product and brand specific texts
  • Creation and implementation of keyword optimized website texts
  • Research and creation of blog posts targeting identified keywords
  • Holistic SEO (Search engine optimization) analysis and reporting of the website (homepage, category pages, store, blog)
Black Flag Agency - Referenz - Giftsapp

Waaavy (100 Cherries)


  • Concept and setup TikTok & paid TikTok Ads
  • Briefing and execution of launch campaign
  • Creative testing Spark Ads vs. Video Ads with Dalia (6.2 mio followers)
Black Flag Agency - Ahead Academy

Feminist Fair Fashion


  • Setup & management of paid ads for the marketing channels Facebook, Instagram and Google.
  • Analysis and consulting website & web store optimization for home page and product detail page
  • Conversion optimization with focus on checkout process
  • Digital user journey optimization with “Hot Jar”
Talentbay - Networking. Karriere. Jobs



  • Research and analysis of existing and new search engine optimized keywords and product categories.
  • Strategy development and optimization of the website structure for organic search
  • Conception and creation of keyword & search engine optimized texts
  • SEO Writing (search engine optimazation) content for category pages, landing pages and the blog
Black Flag Agency - Referenz - Giftsapp

My Ticket Shop


  • Setup, conception and execution of paid advertising for Facebook and Instagram (Meta).
  • Promotion of numerous offline events and concerts in German-speaking countries (DACH)
  • Design of advertising media for optimal scaling of paid social ads
Black Flag Agency - Ahead Academy

Ahead Academy


  • Setup & management of paid ads and upsell mechanics.
  • Design of lead generation strategy via Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads & Social Ads (Meta – Facebook & Instagram)
  • Setup of product specific retargeting funnels via email
  • Conception & briefing of landing pages for each customer segment
Talentbay - Networking. Karriere. Jobs



  • Marketing growth channels strategy & setup for B2C & B2B application of a talent / recruiting marketplace app
  • Mobile & App Marketing, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads & Paid Social Ads
  • Creation & conception of USPs, advertising media and target group approach
  • Performance marketing controlling & strategy through setup and monitoring of transparent planning
  • Planning & implementation of hypothesis testing for consistent optimization of the cost per user
Black Flag Agency - Referenz - Giftsapp



  • Setup of an in-app conversion funnel Install2Purchase – from the installation of the app to the purchase of a “gift voucher” in the app
  • Setup & management of mobile marketing, paid ads for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Google marketing channels
  • Ongoing analysis of “in-app” customer behavior and recommendation for app optimization (UI & UX)
  • Briefing and implementation of advertising media and performance ads
Restube - aufblasbare Sicherheitsboje



  • Consulting and advising for paid advertising of Facebook & Instagram ads.
  • Coaching for Google Ads setup & campaign management
  • Support for advertising storytelling
  • Analysis and briefing for websites & store optimizations (Shopify)
Charlie Green - Cannabinoide Online Shop

Charlie Green


  • Paid search ad setup & management
  • Setup & optimization of landing & door pages (intermediate pages), as direct advertising of hemp CBD products is not possible
  • Keyword research & strategic basics and creation of SEO (search engine) optimized texts for organic Google search
In Private Studio - Streatwear

In Private Studio


  • Setup & management of social ads (Instagram & Facebook)
  • Conception & creation of advertising media & ads
  • Analysis & recommendations for onsite & conversion rate optimization (CRO) of the website and webshop.
Restube - aufblasbare Sicherheitsboje

Hotel Lima Studio


  • Setup & Management of paid search ads
  • Setup & management of social ads with focus on Instagram
  • Creation of ads & promotional materials for B2B and B2C targeting
Charlie Green - Cannabinoide Online Shop



  • Setup and management for Social Paid Ads in the Meta Channels Facebook and Instagram
  • Setup and management Google Ads and Retargeting
  • Development and implementation of a company-specific advertising strategy in differentiated funnel steps & retargeting steps
  • Briefing & creation of advertising materials & creatives
  • Analysis and recommendations for action for the Shopify webshop (home page, product detail pages)
  • Ad Briefings
In Private Studio - Streatwear

Fuxtec (D, FR, IT)


  • Planning and implementation of performance marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Support and expansion of the social ads channels Facebook and Instagram
  • Cross-country campaign planning
  • Creation of high-performance advertising materials and ads for the international markets


For the performance of our customers

We work with and for successful companies of different sizes and setups.
From global brands to regional mid-sized companies, young start-ups and ambitious scale-ups.