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>10 years  of experience

We scale digital business models and are at home in the world of performance marketing.

By performance marketing we mean a continuous improvement of an online marketing campaign strategy by expanding and testing hypotheses.
By measuring the relevant marketing & business metrics, the advertising budget can thus be used efficiently and appropriately to achieve as many conversions (sales, deals, downloads, etc.) as possible.

As a performance marketing agency with an entrepreneurial view, our focus is on establishing a holistic channel structure with a clear business impact.

For more than 10 years, we have been living our passion for numbers-based online marketing, customer acquisition and revenue growth, and we take on the establishment and expansion of the entire performance marketing or individual channels for our clients.

We work with and for successful companies of different sizes and setups. From global brands to regional medium-sized businesses, young start-ups and ambitious scale-ups.

Unsere Leistungen: Mann und Frau stehen vor einem Smartphone und den Social Media Logos



– Social Media Ads Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & TikTok
– Google SEA (Paid Ads / Google Shopping)
– Google SEO (organic search)
– Streaming Media: YouTube and Spotify
– LinkedIn and Xing Ads
– Amazon Ads
– Retargeting
– App Marketing (android & iOS)




As a performance marketing agency with transparent business impact, we can demonstrate success in e-commerce, subscription business models and purely digital or app-based business models.

We stand for sensible investment of budgets, positive ROI and revenue growth.

We optimize online marketing campaigns by expanding and testing hypotheses. By measuring relevant marketing and business metrics, the advertising budget can be used efficiently and purposefully.

The goal of performance marketing is to achieve as many conversions (sales, deals, downloads, etc.).

Methodik: Ein Mann steht mit einer Lupe in der Hand vor verschiedenen Statistikgrafiken

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Why Performance Marketing?


Precise measurability

With a precise tracking setup, we are able to evaluate placed ads and campaigns based on key performance indicators (KPIs), such as CPO, LTV, ROAS, KUR and ROI.

Holistic, entrepreneurial approach

In performance marketing, we rely on various communication channels, which can be continuously optimized in order to use the marketing budget efficiently.

Constant optimization

With A/B tests running in parallel, we can set up, measure and evaluate hypotheses and tests in a structured way.


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